Substance Abuse Treatment

Treatment for substance abuse is strongly encouraged as a strategy for long term success. Emotions and behaviors are a part of using substances, in conjunction with the people, the places, and specific situations. Counseling provides a safe place to explore life skills and practical ways to deal with people, events, circumstances, and social settings that are associated with the addiction.

The Hope Center for Healing and Health, a client-centered counseling style helps to explore and resolve uncertainty about addiction. The goal is to help clients achieve lasting change in their thinking and behavior that will support long term sobriety. Our empathic but directive approach to counseling provides feedback that is intended to strengthen and increase the client’s commitment to change.

While in treatment, success and strategy plan includes:

  • Learning how to stop the addiction cycle.
  • Learning how to recognize addictive thinking.
  • Learning skills to stay clean by identifying triggers.
  • Learning how to set, work towards, and achieve goals.
  • Learning how to like yourself.
  • Learning how to communicate with family, friends, and support systems

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