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The Hope Center for Healing and Health is a Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Family Practice that provides customized, integrated, and evidenced based treatment services. Our counseling services focus on removing barriers that stand in the way of becoming your greatest asset. Be it psychological problems, relationship issues, addictions, family dynamics, poor health habits, and/or feeling stuck in life, we have a highly effective treatment approach that helps target personal problems that stand in the way of your best expression of yourself.

Our intention is to empower you. In understanding that counseling works best when individuals have a working knowledge of the multiple influences of their overall mental wellbeing. We consider the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of one’s life. Through a therapeutic alliance with our clients, we initiate conversations about how to achieve optimum health through treating the whole person.

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Pamela Wiggins is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the state of Florida. She has over 25 years of counseling, industry and private practice experience. Pam’s approach to counseling is to create a non-judgmental and caring environment, while developing a collaborative relationship. With twenty-five years of experience as a counselor, Pam has found her unique gifts and perspectives to be beneficial to the therapeutic relationship….Continue Reading

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