Substance Abuse

We can help! There is Hope…..
You do not have to go it alone.

In the face of an addiction that is baffling and cunning, we are here to help you find your NEXT STEP. We know addictions are predictable and progressive and left untreated are fatal.

Why can’t I stop? You can’t stop drinking or using drugs because you have developed an addiction. When you have an addiction to drugs/alcohol you give up the ability to stop using. You do have one choice, to get help!

Have you ever asked…

Why is this so difficult? You may have the ability to stop for a period(s) of time – the problem is “staying stopped”!! Counseling explores the situations that lead to the drug/alcohol use and begins developing alternative coping skills.


Briggins Counseling offers specialized substance abuse evaluations to families and individuals who are exploring the possibility of a substance abuse problem. This includes individuals who need a Substance Abuse Evaluation as required by the courts.



Two types of assessments are offered:
      • Substance abuse assessments for adults
      • Substance abuse assessments for adolescents

 Intervention Services                       

Addiction is a family disease meaning everyone is affected in the family. Usually fear, hopelessness, or guilt stops a family from getting help for their loved one suffering with an addiction.

Treatment often begins with the family getting help first. Although in some cases the heartfelt pleas of the family can motivate a person to get help, they are rarely enough for the addict to realize the need for change.

The goal of working with the family is to help them learn ways to stop enabling the addict. This often can lead to the addict acknowledging that they have a problem so that they can begin to get help.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Treatment for substance abuse is strongly encouraged as a strategy for long term success.  Emotions and behaviors are a part of using substances, in conjunction with the people, the places, and certain situations. Counseling provides a safe place to explore life skills and practical ways to deal with people, events, circumstances, and social settings that are associated with the addiction.

Counseling also provides an opportunity to explore past social, family, or traumatic issues that could be contributing to addictive behaviors.

Briggins Counseling LLC client-centered counseling style helps clients to explore and resolve their uncertainty about their addiction. The goal is helping clients achieve lasting change in their thinking and behavior that will support long term sobriety. Our empathic but directive approach to counseling provides feedback that is intended to strengthen and increase the client’s commitment to change. It is our belief that prompting basic internal motivators within the client and responding in a neutral way to the client’s resistance builds the client’s motivation and commitment for change.

Frequency of sessions is determined by the treatment needs of the client and the family. How often and how long treatment will last is often determined between the client and his and her therapist. It can include but not be limited to individual, family, group therapy, and support groups.

While in treatment, individuals and families develop a success and strategy plan.

It includes:

      • Learning how to stop the addiction cycle.
      • Learning how to recognize addictive thinking.
      • Learning skills to stay clean by recognizing triggers.
      • Learning how to set, work towards, and achieve goals.
      • Learning how to like yourself.
      • Learning how to communicate with family, friends, and support systems

Treatment is determined by individual needs and follows the following stages:

HOPE Stage 1: Assessment and Intake

HEALING Stage 2: Treatment

HEALTH Stage 3: Discharge and Maintenance

Opiate Treatment

The increase in opiate addiction is a growing problem in our nation.  Briggins Counseling holds true that there are multiple causes to this addiction, but it affects emotional, physical, family, and spiritual aspects of the person. Briggins Counseling approaches opioid dependency from a medical model that has proven clinically researched methods to decrease cravings that cause relapse.  Our program works in a collaborative effort with local physicians to assess and determine medical treatment options that could best fit with counseling. Using our substance abuse treatment model in conjunction with working with local doctors, the addict can begin to experience true success in achieving sobriety.