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What do I need to do?



Making the commitment to come to counseling is often a difficult but courageous decision. We take your decision to come to counseling seriously and want to provide you with quality and caring services.

Call  –   Give us a call today! Office Number 727-430-3854                       

Come – Make a commitment to yourself to follow thru.

What would be expected of Me?

Attendance Policy

In a collaborative relationship, the following conditions will allow for optimal treatment outcomes.

  1. It is agreed upon that sessions will happen at the agreed upon time by my therapist and me.
  2. It is agreed upon to meet for scheduled sessions lasting 50 –60 minutes, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  3. It is agreed upon that appointments needing to be rescheduld or canceled will be done at least 24 hours in advance.
  4. It is agreed upon that since Briggins Counseling does not provide emergency services, in a crisis clients will call 911.

Financial Policy

We believe investing in your counseling is one of the best investments a person can make.  It is an investment in oneself, one’s relationships, and one’s future.  If you have any questions about the following financial policy information, please feel free to call 727-420-1146.

Payments for services are due at the time services are rendered. We do not take insurance. Counseling sessions are 50 to 60 minutes long.  No charge will be made for an appointment that is canceled at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise, a missed session will be billed as a broken appointment at the regular rate.  If an appointment is missed due to an unforeseeable emergency, such as sudden illness or an accident, you may request that the fee be waived. Please call the office when you realize that you will not be able to keep your appointment.

Individual Session | $120.00

Family/Couple Session |  $120.00

Self-Assessment Tools | $350.00

Mental Health Assessment| $250.00

Substance Abuse Assessment | $250.00

Letters for Court/Attorney/Work | $65.00

Drug Test | $30.00

We understand individuals may have financial hardships. There may be a possibility of arranging for a fee reduction.

We accept cash, check, master card, visa, and debit cards. For Mental Health and Substance Abuse Evaluations we only accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, debit cards, discover card, master card, American express and visa.