Mental Health & Nutrition

At Briggins Counseling, we believe there are multiple casual and maintaining factors to how mental health and relational problems develop. In taking a ‘holistic’ approach to mental health treatment, we believe the human body is a network of interconnected systems, understanding that the mind and body are not separate. This is our core belief to our nutritional approach to therapy.


With this in mind, effective mental health treatment understandably has the importance of integrating optimum nutrition and physical health in achieving maximum mental health.

Emotional balance, high energy, healthy personal belief systems, good nutrition, and a desire to maintain your physical fitness are all contributing factors that play a role in a lifestyle that supports good mental health.

We easily forget in maintaining our ordinary lives, that we were intended to not only “get by” but to have joy in living and have a healthy mind and body. Stress in our schedules and a demanding life has affected our ability to have a tangible appreciation of life pleasures.

As mental health professionals we embrace the overwhelming field of research that supports the connection between poor nutrition and health problems to include mental health issues.

What we eat and drink directly impacts the way we act, feel and think, and ultimately influences who we become. Every decision we make regarding food either has a negative or positive impact on our mind and body. Mental (emotional balance, alertness and clarity) and physical performance are all directly improved by what we call ‘optimum nutrition’.

We make it a priority to educate and inform our clients on the mental and physical benefits of a healthy diet and a consistent fitness program.